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Tattoo Studios & Tattoo Artists - Greece

7th Sense Tattoo — Sapfous 106, Kallithea, 176 72 Athens, Greece — Jim Vasileiadis, Herc's,7th Sense Tattoo

Art Attack Crew — Greece — Dynoz,Art Attack Crew

Beautiful People Tattoo — Ethnikis Antistaseos 74, Peristeri, Greece — Fragi, Anna Karagkoyni,Beautiful People Tattoo

Blackline Tattoo — Φθιώτιδα Λαμία, Όθωνος 23, Λαμία, Φθιώτιδα, 35100, Greece — Christos Galiropoulos,Blackline Tattoo

Dark Side Tattoo Society — Str. Likavitou 11, Kolonaki 10673, Athens, Greece — Captain, Kiriakos, Live2, Otheser, Mr French, Tam, Nikolas, Destroyer,Dark Side Tattoo Society

Dirty Roses Tattoo — Svolou Alexandrou 25, 54622 Thessaloníki, Greece — Alex Gotza, Kostas Tzikalagias, Amok, Pande Lee,Dirty Roses Tattoo

Dr Pepper Tattoo — Μεγάλου Αλεξάνδρου 111 Αγ. Βαρβάρα, Greece – Αιγάλεω — Dr Pepper, — Dr Pepper Tattoo

Erevos Creations — Χασιρτζόγλου 6, Ξάνθη 67100, Greece — Thanasis, — Erevos Creations

George Drone Tattoo — Greece — George Drone,George Drone Tattoo

Honest Tattoo — Ivis 10, Psirri, Athens, Greece — Tassos, Yorg, Sotja,Honest Tattoo

Ksirou Tattoo — Greece — George Ksirogiannis,Ksirou Tattoo

Lonis Tattoo — Lekanidi 1, Ag. Dimitrios 173 43, Athens, Greece — Lonis, Sinke,Lonis Tattoo

Moth & Rose Tattoo — Theofrastou 4, Peristeri 12134, Athens, Greece — Chris,Moth & Rose Tattoo

Nico Tattoo Crew-Athens — Αδριανού 97, Πλάκα, Athens, Greece — Sophia, Dimitris, Ozone, Ners, Siemor,Nico Tattoo Crew

Nico Tattoo Crew-Thessalonique — Δημ. Γούναρη 33, Θεσσαλονίκη, Thessalonique, Greece — Thomas Gramm,Nico Tattoo Crew

Nico Tattoo Crew-Alexandroupoli — Καναρη 9, Αλεξανδρούπολη, Greece — Nico,Nico Tattoo Crew

Sake Tattoo Crew — Kolokotroni, Chalandri 152 33, Greece — Sake, Orge Kalodimas, Dask, Cris, Roza, Baker, Pearl, Slipy, Logios, Q.B.Mix, Kim, Kenlar, Insane 51,Sake Tattoo Crew

Teo Art Tattoo — Miaouli 3, Pýrgos, Ilia, Greece — Thodoris Papadopoulos,Teo Art Tattoo

Uncl Paul Tattoo — Athens, Greece — Uncl PaulUncl Paul Tattoo

Data on these maps: The tattoo artists listed here are from their own pages and available to all. Information on these maps were checked in the spring of 2017 (February), if there were any further changes we apologise.
Helpful Hint: Once you have selected a tattoo artist do a research on the internet just in case.
Interesting: I have met most of the tattoo artists listed here at one of the tattoo conventions, tattoos in SkullsFire Tattoo Collection were made by these artists.

How to get on the map:
Tattoo artists with Tattoo Club SkullsFire subscription following a check one after an inspection are automatically added. The given data (name, studio, addresses, websites) and using the uploaded images. For members a full and developed section is created containing all relevant information (name, address, studio, links and images) which are immediately put on the map. Upon request, fully personalized section is available!
If you do not want to sign up for the Tattoo Club SkullsFire, you can also be put on this map, but you'll have to send all the data, but only the minimum will be visible: name, address, studios! Neither the images nor links are visible and priority is given to members!

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